A brilliant harmony of AI and CX


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Messaging assistant

Provide 24/7 support with our AI-powered messaging assistant. It offers speed, accuracy, and advanced language skills. Share visuals, get multilingual help, and escalate seamlessly to human agents when needed.

Conversation analysis

Our AI analyzes your conversations, scoring clarity, troubleshooting, empathy, and other key metrics. Get valuable insights to improve your customer interactions.



Business insights dashboard

At a glance view the Voice of Customer, conversation analysis, quality assurance scores and other important metrics. Valuable information to help grow and  manage your business in one easy-to-user interface.

What we do

Stand out with CX, in a snap

Leave everything to us. We’ll curate an innovative service experience that sets you apart.

Only pay for successful outcomes

Our advanced AI means that you can evaluate every interaction to see how well we did. Only pay when we succeed.

The most advanced AI

We built Crescendo’s c7o.ai platform on the most advanced AI available. It’s an exclusive, patent-pending technology tailored to deliver consistently outstanding CX.


The best of both worlds

We find an elegant balance between cutting-edge AI and high-touch human service.

We invest in our teams

Agents that are treated well treat customers well. That’s why we invest significantly in our team and use advanced AI to help them do their jobs.

Keep your customer close

Crescendo is more than outsourcing. We deliver a CX dashboard, powered by customer interactions, that deliver insights and recommendations to improve your business performance.